Best Waffles in town you need to try today!

Who doesn’t like Waffles? Especially the grid like patterns that come in various sizes and shapes? Not just that! Similar to the breads that go with almost anything to make a dish, waffles are equally competent, even more I would say. For example, you add maple syrup and honey to a waffle and just have a bite. Does that ring a bell in your stomach? If yes, you need to get up and start driving to a nearby Waffle joint to have a delicious and sweet waffle.

Confused on where to go and what to get? I am here to help you out! These are some of the great waffles you need to try today!

Waffle House – Chocolate Chip waffle

What would you do if you get a Chocolate Chip Waffle and a selection of choices like bacon, Sausage and even Ham? It’s not ending here. You can also add Pecan or Peanut Butter Chips on the top of your Waffle and also add some honey syrup too. The waffle itself is Sweet Cream, so there is nothing short of sweetness and some greatness.

Click here for Waffle house menu

Waffle Window – so many!

If you are in Hawthorne, Portland, never miss this gem of a waffle joint. Numerous creatively created waffles that you sometimes compare with Donuts. Blueberry Cheesecake waffle, Strawberry Nutella Waffle or even the Chicken and waffles, the choices are endless.

The Waffle Bus – S’mores

You just can’t go wrong with this one. The graham crackers along with toasted marshmallow and chocolate ganache, the waffles are too good to miss. The Waffle Bus also comes in Bus which means they are available at many locations or even at your doorstep, depending on your location.

Biscuitville – Sausage, Egg & Cheese Waffle

Once upon a time, there were Waffles at Biscuitville, but was discontinued sometime back. They are back again with a twist. If you happen to be there for breakfast, you can enjoy the Sausage, Egg and Cheese Waffle with some spicy maple syrup that you can include for some spicy sweetness. What a combination, isn’t it?

Read more about Biscuitville menu here

Wafels & Dinges – Oh so Belgian!

Waffles means Belgian, isn’t it? At least you can’t avoid it. WIth Wafels and Dinges, you get massive Waffles boxes with so many items in it, you won;t even have anything else except waffles. They call them the liege wafels. Get their de kompleet belgian waffle gift set gluten free for about $85 and it comes with 8 large waffle,s 8 small waffles, and four different toppings like spekuloos spread, milk chocolate spread, milk hazelnut fudge and milk chocolate fudge.

Bru’s Wiffle – Dwight’s Special

There are several delicious waffle options at Bru’s Wiffle, but the Dwight’s Special is, well, Special. Why? Because it comes with a belgian waffle topped with 2 pieces of boneless and skinless crispy chicken.